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Featured Services

OutPatient Care

We specialize in preventive medicine and treating both acute and chronic illnesses in our clinic. Our primary mission is you primary care!


This test measures lung capacity and function to help us diagnose asthma, COPD, and other conditions that negatively affect your breathing.

Body Composition Scan

This scan breaks down bone mass, fat tissue, and muscle mass creating a powerful feedback loop to monitor weight and health risks.

Dexa Scan

This completely painless procedure is also called a bone density scan and is a common technique used to estimate risk for fractures $ other injuries.

Weight Management

Uses scientifically backed principles and tests to tailor lifestyle, diet, and nutrition so our patients effectively manage weight fluctuations.


Digital recording of the electrical signals in the heart, used to determine heart rate, condition and other heart-related metrics and conditions.

Aesthetic Medicine

Beauty can both inside and out!

On-Site Laboratory

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Oct 15 - Dec 7, 2019

Medicare Open Enrollment

Each year during this period of a few weeks, insurance plan benefits change. Often times, patients are confused on all these things and opt to simply stay on their current plans without fully exploring their potential options as well as benefits. Together with our partners in care, we at Calderon Medical Group are committed to making sure that you are able to maximize your benefits and make an informed decision on what is right for you. Call us now.